I'm not a talkative person. I like listening more than talking. I can literally spend hours being surrounded by people without feeling the need to exchange words with someone. So why start this blog you ask? Because there comes moments when inspiration strikes out of the blue and there is no person to talk to, nor one who can understand why I'm suddenly spouting gibberish. I can be a great sounding board, but I don't know if anyone would like to become my sounding board. Said person might end up either bored to death or laughing hysterically because they have become infected by my insanity. So I figured a blog might ease the burden on those poor souls and spare them the misfortune of listening to my rants and ramblings on various things and topics that catch my fancy.
          A word of warning though, to those who may find themselves passing through this blog or stopping to read a post or two--this blog can be a tad serious in tone. Posts where you will find me sounding bright and cheery might be few and far between, maybe even a rarity. This does not mean I am incapable of such emotion. You wound me, dear reader.
           Well, I have already warned you so please continue with your exploration on this blog at your own peril.

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