Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweet Saturday #1: A Magnum Experience

Legally Kikay
               After going through a lot of hassle just to get it, I finally have in my hands one of the most recently talked about ice cream on the market: the new Magnum ice cream from Selecta. Ever since I decided to create the Sweet Saturday meme, I already had in mind that Magnum ice cream would be my first post.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on it immediately because the stores near my house were all sold out! That’s how popular it is. This of course made me want it even more and the frustration of not being able to taste it grew.
               The first chance I got to visit a large supermarket I immediately went to the ice cream counter to find my goal. Sure enough, there it was. My first impression was that it looked decadent, like it would be a luxurious experience to eat something like it. Hat’s off to the people and the brains behind the packaging. There are actually three flavors; classic, almond and chocolate truffle. I wanted to try the almond but there was none so I went with my next choice—classic.
               After buying it I went home and started eating…and sure enough, it was a luxurious and decadent experience. I probably ate it so fast the ice cream never had the chance to melt. So here are my pros and cons;
  •         great packaging (as I’ve said, it looked decadent and expensive)
  •         the bitterness of the Belgian chocolate coating blended well with the creamy vanilla ice cream filling
  •         I’m a vanilla ice cream junkie and the vanilla filling in the Magnum is by far the creamiest that I’ve tasted (it doesn’t melt immediately but rather swirls around in your mouth)
  •        Pricey (50.00 Php) which is not something that we can buy everyday (I’d buy it as a sort of reward to myself for a job well done or something like it)
  •        I’m not very fond of bitter chocolate so the Belgian coating was a little bit bitter for my taste

And that’s basically it! If you have tasted the Selecta Magnum ice cream, please do share if you agree or disagree with my review. Enjoy your sweet Saturday! J


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  3. baje this one is for you...