Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm So Cheezy!

               I’m not a food critic. I just like eating good food. So I thought about sharing my thoughts on my gastronomic experiences. I’m actually writing this while I’m eating the food in question so as to make sure that I don’t forget the taste, lol. There has been a lot of hype on it on tv and the commercial looked mouthwatering so I decided to try out the new cheesy bacon pasta from KFC. So let’s get started shall we?
               First off, the presentation doesn’t really give me a lasting impression. The whole thing is placed on a deep medium-sized bowl with large chunks of bacon (made from chicken by the way) covering the top, thus preventing us from seeing the pasta. Personally, I would have preferred they place it on a platter.
               Next is the taste test. The chicken bacon is too salty! It overwhelmed the taste of the dish. Now granted the pasta is neutral tasting (I guess,hehe) there is still the saltiness in the cheese to account for so I felt like I was eating nothing but salt!
               I am essentially a cheese-loving person so the cheese and the pasta I didn’t have any problems with. If only the chicken hadn’t been as salty, then it would have been a tastier dish.
So would I eat it again? No problem. If somebody else paid for it that is, hehe.. Hey, it’s bad to refuse free food right? But I wouldn’t really buy it again for myself.
               How about you guys? Have you tasted KFC’s cheesy bacon pasta bowl yet?


  1. wala pako katilaw ana baje, why don't you buy one for me? ehehe.

    1. i will ante! hehe! will bring it on monday! para bday gift nko sa imo hehehe! kana pa man ako ma afford gud hehehe