Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Philippines: Missile Target?!

               My brother sent me a message via facebook saying that the Philippines was one of the target places for missile launches from North Korea! I was alarmed of course specially because the country doesn't have the technology to detect when and where the missiles would hit.
               So of course I had to read about the article right away. When I finally got to read it, I was a little bit relieved. The article actually states that North Korea will be launching satellites into outer space and in order to do that they would need to use rockets or missiles to launch them. These rockets have boosters and it is estimated that some of the boosters will fall on Philippine territory.
               Unfortunately, the country doesn't have the technology to predict where the rocket boosters will fall and the dangerous part about it is the possibility of it falling onto populated areas. However, according to the article, the country will be asking for help from its allies like the United States to help in predicting the location.
               Still, I kept thinking, the country responsible for launching the rockets or missiles should be the one to clean up after themselves right?


  1. really? asa ta tago ani? hehehe

    1. borrow na2 ang hard hat ni mama gigie para dili ra kaau sakit pag maigo,hehehe