Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When “IT” comes...

               I was actually planning on writing about an article I just read the other day and I have made a resolution to always push through with things I plan. Unfortunately, mother nature has effortlessly managed to throw a monkey wrench through those plans. (I know, I know, I need to update my idioms) When mother nature comes knocking, there’s really no way to refuse, she ALWAYS, ALWAYS gets her way.
               In this instance, she chose this time to make it “that” time of the month. Women will be able to understand this right of the bat but with men, not so much. (No offense to the men though.) Unfortunately for me, “that” time of the month also means some serious pain for me. Any woman who has ever had dysmenorrhea can totally relate to this. All that puking and cold sweat..ugh.
               Any plan of writing a well-thought article flew out the window. All I could think of was the excruciating pain in my lower abdomen that reached all the way to my lower back. I can’t even remember the time when I didn’t have dysmenorrhea. I remember I was once hospitalized for 3 days because of it. I was throwing up everything that came down my throat and I was seriously dehydrated. The meds wouldn’t work anymore and I was curled up into a ball of sweaty misery.
               I have tried many ways to get rid of this condition. I’ve tried proper diet, exercise, hot water bottles. Right now the only thing that can stop it is to drink some pain reliever meds when the pain is just starting, because if I wait until the pain becomes unbearable, it’s no longer effective. But I also don’t want to become dependent on the pain meds because it might have some adverse side effects.
               Any ideas on how I can deal with this?

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