Sunday, March 4, 2012

My (Aptly Named) First Post

               I was browsing through the net and googling everything I could find on what to write as a first blog post. Majority of the things I read stated that a first blog post should introduce the author, a.ka. me, and my reason for putting up this blog. Since I have already revealed some deep secrets in my About section, I thought about explaining the reason for my blog title instead and what you, dear reader, can expect to see or read from my blog.
               I am a soon to be law student with forbidden longings to be hip and fashionable. I say forbidden because I have neither the money and later on, neither the time as well, to actually attempt at being a fashionista. I have secret longings to become a fashion designer and a makeup guru. But then again, what girl doesn’t?
               So please follow me as I attempt to balance these two extreme opposites of myself. In this blog you will be able to read various topics that I dabble in, and since I can go a bit crazy sometimes, (maybe even most of the time), you might find some offbeat topics. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading about them, feel free to leave your comments, messages and violent reactions to my posts.

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