Thursday, March 15, 2012

A ‘Hair’-raising Journey (Part 1)

               I’m desperate. Desperate about my hair that is. I’m not vain about it since I wouldn’t really consider it as one of my redeeming features but it has come to a point where it might become my downfall. Or rather, my hairfall. (Yah yah, lame joke again, I know)
               I’m sure many can relate to my current predicament, specially the ladies. Falling hair is not something we want to admit to ourselves but the reality is that it is a very common condition. I didn’t have hairfall before. It began when I agreed to having my hair straightened (or relaxed) at one of the local salons in my hometown, because I hadn’t accepted yet that I was born with curly hair. Now I’ve accepted my curliness, but the wheels have fate have started turning and it is inexorably leading to a future where I hit middle age looking like an ancient crone because of thinning hair. Or even (gasp) baldness!
               With that grim future looming nearer each day, I have tried countless ways to stop falling hair. I’ve tried hair spa treatment, scalp massage and the like. My relatives suggested I apply aloe vera sap on my scalp but since I don’t have ready access to said plant, I was forced to find other more accessible means.
               After much searching, I came across a forum suggesting the use of garlic oil on the scalp and many have attested to its effectiveness. Since I don’t have access to ready-made garlic oil, I was forced to be resourceful and make garlic oil on my own. I looked for videos on how to make homemade garlic oil and I now have a jar filled with olive oil and chopped garlic. The instructions were to let the garlic sit in the oil for a couple of days before applying it to the scalp so that’s what I’m going to do.
               I’ll be posting an update once I have applied the garlic oil to my scalp. If you have any suggestions dear reader, regarding how to treat falling hair, I would really appreciate it.  

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