Monday, March 5, 2012

Giving Love a Good Name

               I’m sorry to say that the idea for this post’s title didn’t come from me but I felt that it just really fit the topic I had in mind. It’s corny I know, but, what the heck. Anyway, I’m just getting started.
               Whoever doesn’t know the rock band Bon Jovi and their namesake front man ought to be shot in the head. Well, maybe not in the head. (a foot maybe?) Being the face of a rock band, John Bon Jovi has been doing quite a good job in giving love, you guessed it, a good name! Get it? Giving love a good name? Har har..cheesy I know. But get this, he has been married to his first wife for twenty something years. Shocking, I know!
               Where I come from, reaching that many years being married to the same spouse is not new. I come from the only country in the whole world where there is no divorce. I am neither for nor against the concept of divorce since I’ve never been married, (and probably never will) and I cannot judge the reasons for those supporting or against the divorce law in the Philippines but I can say that it must be really nice to be able to stay in love with the same person for more than two decades, regardless of whether you’re bound by marriage or not. In my opinion, it’s the level of commitment that you’re able to keep that really matters. Just my two cents anyway.
               Do you know anyone who has been with the same person for decades already?

Note: For more info about Bon Jovi and his marriage click here.

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