Monday, March 19, 2012

Zombie Hair?!

               When God decided to give genes for great hair, my parents were unfortunately absent. So now, I am left to bear the consequences. I don’t know why but my previous posts on the struggles I’ve been having with my hair seem to have set off some sort of hair frenzy in me. So please don’t be surprised if I have consecutive posts dealing with hair related topics. Ok?
               I stated in my previous posts that I had curly hair right? Well aside from that, I also have fine hair (which might account for my susceptibility to hair loss) which I got from my mom. She also experienced hair loss though I haven’t asked her how she’s dealing with that. Hmm..I really should talk to my mom about that. To make matters worse, I also have prematurely gray hair(s) which I got from my dad’s side. I was in elementary when I started having gray hair for cripes sake! I’m quite sure it’s a genetic thing and not just an environmental factor because my younger brother already has quite a lot of gray hair. He’s had to resort to dyeing it because they were quite numerous already.
               *Sigh* I really don’t know what to do with this hair anymore. (Which, by the way, smells like garlic. If you want to know why, just click here.) If I’m not careful, I might look like this! *Gasp*

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